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3 Overrated Tech Products For Survival


Be careful when buying survival gear, food, and equipment. Especially with gadgets and technology since there are a lot of overrated tech products you need to keep your eyes on. RELATED: Improvised Survival Gear | 7 DIY Projects For Preppers Overrated Tech Products You Need To Keep Your Eyes On When Viewing Ads Overrated Tech Products […]

Emergency Weather Radios


There are many different advantages associated with emergency weather radios. Regardless of where you live, or the emergency conditions that you may be subjected to, weather radios have the capability of providing you with the detailed information that you need to prepare for situations that could potentially endanger the health and safety of yourself, as […]

Top 23 Best Survival Knife Brands You Can Trust


Find your match from the best survival knife brands for the perfect blade you can depend your life on. RELATED: Survival Knives | Ultimate List The Best Survival Knife Brands to Help You Choose From Which Survival Knife Brands Is Right for You? A survivalist simply won’t go anywhere without his trusty survival knife. A […]

How an Avalanche Airbag Could Save Your Life | Top 5 Best Avalanche Airbag 2022


Extreme sports like skiing and winter climbing often come with risks like avalanches that can cost you more than a few broken bones. But, wearing a backpack with an incorporated avalanche airbag can be effective in saving lives by preventing burial. From the more modern battery-powered systems to the classic canister designs, here are some […]

How to Use an Axe | Bushcraft Axe Skills


There are many ways on how to use an axe. You can use one when building shelter, making fires, procuring food, and even finding water. Read on to find out how to use an axe, its history, different kinds of axes, and more. RELATED: Can Your Machete Hack it? How To Use an Axe and Different […]

Preppers Guide for 2022 | 10 Things to Do To Prepare


With the growing negative happenings over the past years like political divide, COVID, inflation, etc., it is best to be prepared for the worst and have all the supplies ready in a case when SHTF. Here is a preppers guide for 2022. RELATED: Beware: 17 Types of Preppers You Should Avoid Preppers Guide | 10 Things […]

7 Best Alternative Heat Sources to Use for Power Outages


If the power goes out during the winter, staying warm may not be so easy. Because of this, it is important for every survivalist to know about the best alternative heat sources for power outages. RELATED: 7 Tips on How to Prepare for Power Outage in Winter Alternative Heat Sources for Power Outages | All […]

12 Awesome Christmas Survival Gifts for Preppers


Whether your loved one is a prepper or not, these survival gifts will give you great options on what Christmas present to give your loved ones! RELATED: 37 Best Gifts for Bearded Men Who Have Everything Survival Gifts Every Prepper Would Love to Receive Survival Gift Ideas This Christmas I don’t know about you guys, but […]

How To Make A Ghillie Suit From Scratch


It’s fairly easy to learn how to make a ghillie suit. Creating one won’t break the bank and only requires a few materials. RELATED: Art of Concealment | How To Make A Camouflage Suit Make a Ghillie Suit With Easy-to-Get Materials How to Make a Ghillie Suit A ghillie suit is something I have been […]

Ultimate Emergency Essentials Guide For All Kinds Of Emergencies


The emergency essentials you need in your emergency kit will vary depending on the kind of emergency you are preparing for. Assemble different kinds of emergency kits and equip yourself for various emergency situations with our comprehensive list below. RELATED: Packing The Ultimate Survival Kit For One’s Survival Emergency Essentials | 13 Emergency Kits to […]

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